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What if you were unable to keep your mind from wandering down dark paths that showed you visions of yourself committing horrific crimes? That’s the captivating premise of Eckels’s moody thriller, set in the quiet Midwestern town of Chesterton. Dustin Furlong, a local insurance salesman, has a loving wife, two adoring children, and the respect of his community, but “no one would ever suspect or believe the torture which resides in his heart and mind.” Without warning,

Dustin is plagued with violent images of himself as a savage murderer. His torment reaches new depths when he has images of slaughtering two teenage girls, and he reads the very next morning that someone had actually done so. While the town’s suspicions focus on the drifter who recently was taken in by the local priest, Dustin is convinced that he has blood on his hands. Steamy sex scenes help propel the action to the fairly clued resolution.

K.C.'s writing style is at once literate and intoxicating as she demonstrate in the opening paragraphs: `As he stares out his window he embraces a calm like no other, a peaceful surrender of all that he was; and now he is reborn.

Grady Harp, San Francisco Book Review

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