Life is stressful. With all that is happening in the United States, I have felt my personal stress levels mount. With that, I needed a minute. I needed it to clear my head and I needed it to calm down to a point where I could be quasi-articulate, rather than use my blog to spew strings of profanities. Though, yelling, “FUCK THIS AND FUCK YOU” while looking at pictures of the supreme court justices (not capitalized for effect) is oddly satisfying and therapeutic.

Another thing that sucks is I shy away from protests because I’m immunocompromised. While I’m vaccinated I do worry about getting sick so I admittedly did not join my fellow women out there to fight the injustice we faced. This bothers me. I feel like I should have been there, chanting and shouting with the others, but rather, I sat home… which may have been a statement in itself.

But, today I am past my rage and have moved on to pondering. Just today I had a terrifying thought as I studied employment law. While women are currently protected by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, what happens if that like Roe v Wade is obliterated by the radical right? What if they decide that pregnancy takes away too much time from the workplace? What if they decide that women shouldn’t work at all? What if rape, impregnate and layoff becomes a strategy for males to rise above their female counterparts in the office. These thoughts are dark… but with everything that has happened, is it that far from the realm of possibilities?

The radical right wants to take over. They want to bend church and state. In the case of overturning Roe v Wade, it is evident that it had already started. Is the U.S. going to go the way of, “The Handmaids Tale?” If so I’m fucked and I know it. I am not great at keeping my thoughts to myself and in all honesty, I wouldn’t even try to. I would rather go down with the ship than be part of tyranny.

That’s the thing about the right today, they live to oppress and control. The men are plotting and they have dim-witted mind-controlled females like MTG spreading the message of hate to all the obedient church going “Stepford Wives.” These women have spent a lifetime swallowing down the book of patriarchal bullshit and are more than happy to fuck over the rest of us to appease their men. “God created Adam and from Adam’s rib he created Eve.” The problem is it doesn’t make biological sense!!! If women were created from men then how is it that all fetal genitalia are the same and phenotypically female? Granted some of the unlucky ones turn male after several weeks, but up until that point all of us are female. So how does that factor into the rib thing? It doesn’t, but that doesn’t fit the patriarchal narrative. Sadly, this lie has been told for centuries and at this point it is being pushed further and further up the political system.

How do we fix it? Vote. Stop thinking that it doesn’t count or doesn’t matter, because it does. We need these asshats out of Washington and we need to change things up. Should supreme court justices have a lifetime reign? NO! That is lunacy! Any political seat should follow the same protocol as president, 4 years, if reelected, 4 more years and then done. We need to cleanse the system. We need to rewrite the books and make it so this does not happen again. We need to make sure that after groups have been given rights, those rights cannot be taken from them. We need to fight for each other and make this country what it claims to be… Free. Not for some, but for all.

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