Roe vs. Wade… Over it and Angry.

I sat in horror while I watched other women and men celebrate the decision of the Supreme Court. I suppose the men celebrating I understand because they know what they did and don’t care… the women though… that is the group I’m shocked by. How don’t they get that this is not about babies? Did any of them stop to think for a minute that the issue could go deeper and that it sets a precedence for other rights to be stripped away?

Did the women who backed the overturning of Row vs. Wade stop to consider what would happen to their daughters? Did they forget about the coat hanger abortions that caused women to die? Did they stop and think that yesterday they had the freedom to decide what they wanted to do with their body, but today they have no rights? What about those of you with endometriosis or other medical conditions that require contraceptives to treat them? What if doctors told you that for your own daughter to live another day her pregnancy would have to be terminated? Would you kill your own daughter and her unborn child? Did you even think that there could be any other reason? Not to mention, what gives you the right to decide for others what they can or cannot do with their bodies?

If you can’t tell I’m a bit riled up over this, but baby, I’m just getting started. So now that Row vs Wade has been overturned, Clarence Thomas has called for overturning women’s right to contraceptive devices… and he call for the overturning of LGBTQ rights. So, to the Alt-Right who are reading this thinking, “Oh that’s great!” I ask you, What’s next? Because you realize there will be other things?

At Risk Not At Risk

MEDICARE / MEDICADE (don’t believe me… wait and see) X







Still don’t care? Since we are going back in time, how far are they going to take us? Will they find that there is a loophole with slavery? Are they going to try to bring that back? Wake up people!!! That may be extreme, but I can honestly say I never… NEVER in my life thought the day would come where Roe vs. Wade would be overturned… but here we are. And now they are going to take away the rights from a group of people I hold near and dear to my heart… the LGBTQ community.

So honestly, I’m done. Those of you who want to climb on your soapbox and preach about the world being better today because people are losing their basic human rights, walk away… I have no room for you. This isn’t about politics, it is again, about basic human rights and how today 5 people decided to strip women of those rights and very soon they will do the same to the brave and beautiful LGBTQ community. So, I’m pissed, angry, disappointed, heartbroken, scared of what our future holds as Americans and I’m done with the alt-right Trump loving hateful and hate-filled individuals that put us where we are today.

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