Recently I read that Homeland Security issued a threat so I checked it out and found that they did. When I saw the word “TERRORIST” I immediately thought the threat was coming from outside the United States… but, much to my dismay it was not. The terrorists are here. The are your neighbors, friends and maybe even family… and that my friends, is terrifying. But, I’m a glutton for punishment so, I dove down the rabbit hold of hate, saw what these people are saying and scurried back to my safe little oblivious world because it felt much safer here.

A day passed and I admittedly, I put the horror I felt in the rearview mirror… but that only lasted for a day. I’ve seen posts where people say “It only matters if it affects you.” No truer words have been spoken. I was on my personal Facebook feed and there it was, a post from someone I knew. Not just someone I was associated with online, but someone I knew… well. Granted, I know this person was always up for a good conspiracy theory and is a little militia-minded but I never thought they were hateful or bigoted. I don’t associate with people who hate, at least not intentionally. But, because of the post I decided to check out their page while thinking ‘this person couldn’t possibly know what they were posting or how it came across’ so I dove in. I went into their feed and read post after post, 7 days-worth of messages which consisted of hundreds of conspiracy theories, false information, hateful memes and even their own crudely written statements (many of which contain a word known as C U Next Tuesday.)

This individual had TikToks of children at a party with a drag queen, I watched that video and all involved (parents, children and the drag queen) were having fun, but the comment this individual made were hateful and about praying for our children (this person is not religious btw.) I must ask, where was this concern when this person’s 8-year-old and 10-year-old children were watching Rick and Morty? Where was the concern when this person was getting wasted in front of them or dropping a stream of f-bombs? That’s all okay to this individual, yet they believe that a drag queen is what is going to destroy their children? Seriously? How does that even make sense?

But this is our world, right? These are the people who are out there in the world spewing hate. They are hypocrites… but they are also our friends, neighbors and etcetera. Do I feel the individual I mentioned poses a threat to national security? No, but. I say “no, but” because I guess no one ever thinks their friend or family member with extreme beliefs could pose a threat, but some do. Some drove cars through crowds and killed, hurt and maimed other people for a difference in beliefs. Some walked into classrooms and started shooting children who were only trying to learn. So how can anyone say without a doubt that their friend or loved one would not be capable? In other words, the world is a crazy place and people with extreme beliefs make me a tad nervous, to the point I don’t post this stuff on social because I’m worried that the wrong person will see it… but here on my blog with an audience of maybe 10, I feel a little better about being candid.

Ironically enough, the extremists are the same people shouting from the rooftops that the people they murdered who were exercising their right to free speech are the ones causing the alt right to be less free. They stand atop their soapbox and say that they are ready to fight the people that make them feel unsafe… yet in the same breath they want to kill the democrats and anyone who looks or loves differently than them. They use force to silence the voices they don’t want to hear… sounds familiar, right? If it doesn’t, just look up WW2.

These same people are worried about the government taking away their guns (however, gun laws have been expanded in New York rather than limited so, I don’t know.) They are posting about Justin Trudeau and his strengthening of gun control laws. Even the individual I mentioned earlier posted many times in the past several days about this and spreading misinformation. The regurgitated memes and articles were all about the same thing, taking guns away. But that is the false narrative. The reality is they stopped selling new guns. They are taking guns from people who have been involved in acts of domestic violence, harassment or stalking. How is this a bad thing?

I remember years ago I resided in an apartment complex that went on total lockdown as we were swarmed by swat teams because a domestic violence situation was happening and guns were involved. Should that person have had the right to have guns? Probably not. As civilians do we need military weapons? I don’t believe we do. But if what happened in NY is any indicator, it doesn’t look like we will have any laws put into place that will protect children in schools, people in places of worship or those attending events meant to embrace uniqueness and promote love. I’m honestly sickened by this.

The extremists can say, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” all they want, but in reality, the guns kill people a lot faster than a knife. Believe what you want, but things are spiraling out of control.

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