Life As We Know It

Life as we know it has been changing faster than a plane flown by Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick. (As a side note I highly recommend seeing this movie. It was incredible.) Moving on, everything today seems to be in flux. The state of the world, people’s rights, the state of the economy, price of oil, foods, childcare, rent mortgages, interest rates and etcetera. All of this makes it hard to plan.

If you read my blog the other day I vented about a conversation I had with a Trump follower. Today I’m going to vent about politics in general. I’m not antigovernment, but I am anti-politician with the exception of two. Now if either were elected to President I may even change that view, but luckily for me that hasn’t happened.

Many years ago, I lived in a small town in Ohio. Coming from Chicago it was a huge change, big city to Mayberry. I was the proverbial square peg attempting to fit in a round hole for years. I tried many things to fit in, but realistically that was not going to happen because of the cultural difference. I grew up with Northern beliefs and where I lived was southern-leaning. At one time I became involved with local politics and that was the moment I learned that the majority cannot be trusted… even at the “entry-level” stage. I was the newbie. Fresh eyes, open mind, open heart and I truly wanted to make a difference. But, how can you make a difference in a field where everyone admits they only tell you what you want to hear? It was crazy!

I heard them talk about conversations they had with voters as they laughed and said, “yeah, that will never happen” to others like us. What I realized in that moment is that I was also not “like us.” I couldn’t lie and tell people what they wanted to hear for a vote, but I also found out that if you don’t do exactly that you won’t get the votes and you will lose. Sad right? So, I ran far and fast from that life and have only looked back to examine the flaws in the system.

Why as Americans are we so intent on voting for people who simply tell us what we want to hear, rather than voting based on track record? While I realize some do vote based on in-depth knowledge of the political system… the majority vote the same way they pick a horse for the Kentucky Derby… they vote their gut, pick a horse because of its name or something else that resonates, but rarely do they pick one based on the stats unless you study horse racing. Basically, my point is WHAT THE FUCK?! This person is going to be running our country and the best we can do is phone it in? We listen to a political analyst on our side, watch a few Youtube videos, Tiktoks, whatever and think we are now experts. It’s ludicrous.

Also, maybe it is time to move past this two-party system and find something better. We have given up our power as Americans to people who fight for their own agenda, not ours and the problem is that we are not in a “good vs evil” battle… but that is what it has been turned into. Citizens who fall on the right, hate the left and vice versa. Meanwhile the politicians on both sides duke it out publicly and then go golfing or have a drink together. The division is smoke and mirrors. We need a change. I’m not talking about anti-government militia type of change, rather, we as citizens need to change our mindset and stop voting based on party lines. Look at the character of the individual you are voting for. If they have a long history of demeaning women… maybe this isn’t the right person for the job. If they have tens of millions or billions in the bank, how can they relate to the majority of us who clip coupons and are barely keeping our heads above water? We need real people, not lifetime members of a political system.

The vast majority of the people holding office in the house, senate and above are damaged goods. They have been playing the game too long and are profiting off our suffering. So why do we allow this to keep happening? Is it that we are so afraid of change that we continue to allow corrupt individuals to rule the land? I recognize that I am not a person who knows the ins and outs of every aspect of politics, but shit… this has to stop. I still believe that most people are good, but when I see what some of you are saying while hidden behind a keyboard… I’m appalled. The irony in this is, if I were to meet these people face to face I’m sure that the conversation would be different.

For right now though, I just urge everyone to stop and take a breath. All the division is doing is weakening us. They are using the divide and concur mentality and sadly it’s working. If you think everything is going to be okay, you are wrong. If things keep going as they have been, by 08/17/2025 life as we know it now will change forever. This isn’t because of the right or left… it’s because of the right AND left AND global changes that are already set in motion. Queen Elizabeth is not going to live forever and by 2025 there will be a King running the show. Putin is also not going to be around. The loss of them will be impactful to say the least. But hey, who am I? I blog to an audience of maybe one and even that person skims though without reading all the way to the end. So, this blog will be more for after-the-fact, and yes, there is still things we can do after. But for now, if things don’t change, “buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

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