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Updated: Jun 6

Back at it. Last time I blogged I was in a nightmarish situation with my wrist. While it looks like I will not find my way to 100%, I am doing remarkably better, but for today I am venting my frustrations about so many Trump-fueled things. Whether you agree or disagree with this post, please understand that freedom of speech goes both ways. It is not just for the Followers, it is a right that all Americans have (and yes, I too am an American, even though some of you may find my views Un-'Merican)

Let me preface this with I am an independent voter which means I do not care about party lines. I can honestly say prior to 2016 I cared about politics, but I didn't care as much as I do today. I voted, I did my thing and whoever won, won. No biggie. But a lot has changed since then and that change is known by one name. TRUMP.

I’ll admit, prior to him running for president, I liked him. I followed him on social media and enjoyed watching his show. I even tweeted out many years ago "Trump for President" because I thought it would be funny... and if I'm being perfectly honest, the guy can be charming. He has a certain charisma which is proven by the droves of people who are entranced by his words. With that being said, I despise the man.

Somehow from whenever that was… maybe 2011 or 2012, Donald Trump went from the show apprentice to president to Christ? How? On (05/31/2022) I had a conversation with a Trumper that led to me having to explain how Hitler rose to power. Did this make a bit of difference? No. The Trumper was unreachable, but that was from the minute a Biden slam popped out of his mouth which was followed by “All you democrats.” There was nothing I could say or do to change this person's view about anything. Ironically, this democrat slamming individual was an independent voter up until 2016. Now, they tell everyone they have been a life-long republican... Ha! Tell it to Ross Perot. (However the billionaire thing seems to be a common thread for this individual.)

The fact that I didn’t vote for Trump and did vote Biden does not mean that I am a democrat. I have voted for republicans and independents too. Do my beliefs align more with the left? Absolutely. I support LGBTQIA+ rights, heck, I’ve even written children’s books about it. Do I believe in healthcare for all, like so many other countries offer? Yep. Do I think state run universities should be free? Again, yes. Do I believe that systemic racism runs rampant in the United States to this day? Abso-friggen-lutely. This may lead to some calling me a communist or whatever new slur they are using, but, that’s fine by me, it just strengthens my point for this blog post.

Back to the topic at hand. Trump and his followers. The word “follower” is also an indication that something is wrong. I tend to support a candidate, but wouldn't throw myself on a sword for them. I may get upset if they don't win, but not to the "storm the capital" level of outrage. For the Trumpers, it is different. They follow blindly. They followed to the steps of the capital and even followed to the point that they went inside and overtook the capital. That was a little terrorist-like in my opinion, but hey, they had to, right? They were just patriots fighting the good fight for freedom, right? OR… were they swayed by the hatful words of a madman.

Even if you are not a history buff, I'm sure you have an understanding of major world events. In 1923 there was a country that had a destabilized economy. The people of this country were hungry, out of work and for the most part their outlook was bleak. That was until a man rose to power and helped them. Their economy began to show signs of improvement. Once again there were jobs, money flowed back into people’s pockets and life became better. The people rejoiced and hailed this man as a hero and likened him to a savior. This man was Hitler.

When I listen to Trumpers speak a cold chill runs up my spine, because the hate, the bigotry and the “follower” mindset is there. They liken Trump to a savior. They treat this “Grab them by the pussy” spewing individual as if he were the second coming of Christ. On t-shirts I have seen his head on top of a muscle-clad body with an eagle in one hand and a gun in the other while a flag sway in the background. I have news for anyone who displays images like this… the man is not ripped. He also did not serve in the military nor did he want to, so why on earth are you likening him to a war hero? I give it to those who served, their bravery is unmatched… but Trump? Not so much. Hell, he went so far as to spar with John McCain… a true hero… but I digress.

The reality as I see it is anyone who is not a Trump-follower is unworthy of respect in a Trumper’s eyes. The "Followers" shut down before you say a word. They are so focused on defending their savior that they don’t care about facts. They sit on an arsenal of excuses, misinformation and fake news and use it as a way to tout that they are "In the know" while the rest are mere sheep. It's so easy for them to look past the bad behavior of Trump all while putting others under a microscope. They lead their charge with barrage insults while not caring who they are hurling them toward. It's maddening.

When did we go from being able to have a civilized conversation to likening conversing about a politician to talking about a religious deity? Is Trump that? Did his status jump from celebrity to God? If so, he is missing an “L Ron Hubbard” type of opportunity. I can see the signage now in big gold letters “CHURCH OF TRUMP” followed by the mission statement, “Where only the Uge-st believers come to worship God with the most terrific lifetime president (because he didn’t lose to sleepy joe) ever, Donald J Trump. Even that rocket man (not Elton) is a member and thinks I’m a great guy. In fact, I’m the greatest church leader that has ever led a church. By entering you agree to give up your soul and vow to follow me for life. All hate and bigotry welcome."

Don't worry about the fine print... Just come inside sincerely, the Donald.

I digress once again. It’s hard. I poke fun at it, but existing in this world where so many are swayed by this hate-filled person is exhausting at times. It borders on delusional. I have had conversations with people who truly believe that he is still president. People who think that Biden is both to blame for everything going on currently and that he has dementia. I’ve got news for them, it cannot be both. Either he has made the decisions that have caused all the issues in the United States OR he has dementia. IT CAN'T BE BOTH! The reason it can’t be both is if he is a figurehead with dementia, the powers that be would not allow him to make decisions.

I'm not blind to the fact that there are issues. Gas prices are insane right now. Our grocery bill has more than doubled and the base cost of living is crippling to most. I see it and I feel the effects of it. But do I believe this is all Joe Biden's fault... no and it would be ridiculous to assume that it is. Gas prices go up and down with the cost of crude oil and that is a global commodity. For those of you blaming cancelling the pipeline, that too is preposterous since it had a minimal effect on the pricing. COVID greatly effected oil prices. Think about it, people weren't driving which meant the price of gas fell. As things opened back up and the need for gas increased, the price rose. Makes sense... right? The war in Ukraine has also caused a spike in gas prices because we are not getting our gas from Russia anymore. If Putin stops the madness and agrees to play nice, oil prices will decline, but until then we all will be paying a premium. If you are mad maybe point that anger in the right direction.

Putin has made a mess of things in a big way. He is responsible for so much death and destruction. He is a sadistic and evil madman who started a war in the Ukraine for no other reason than the fact that he could do it. His refusal to do the right thing and end the war has had financial impacts on people across the globe... but, if given the choice I'd rather pay more for gas than let Putin bend the US over the barrell. The guy is a lying murderer, but hey, Trump likes him, so he couldn't be partially responsible for the rise in oil prices. It has nothing to do with that smart guy Putin… no no, it is all “sleepy joe’s” fault for closing down the pipeline. (inset eyeroll here)

Since I’m venting about the world according to “Trump Followers.” I’m tired of the hate. These people find one person of color to speak on behalf of Trump and believe that the person speaking for Trump is “One of the good ones” and the rest are "thugs." Seriously, I’m over it. I’m over the stupidity of people thinking that hating people based on color or who they love is okay. It is so obvious that the “Followers” love to hate and believe in their hearts that certain people are just better (once again look up WW2 and research if you disagree.)

I get that many will claim they accept everyone, but they don’t. The worst ones are the ones who claim to be Christians, yet hate others who look different or love different. Reality check, Jesus was not white and neither were the disciples. Jesus surrounded himself with people who the world hated, but those were the ones he loved the most. I’ve often wondered how people who so openly hate others can in good conscience call themselves “Christ Followers.” It doesn’t add up. I’ve read the bible many times and can say with certainty that the only things Jesus seemed to detest were hate and greed. I don’t recall reading anything where Jesus said that certain skin tones made people superior. I also don't recall the verse that said it's okay to hate others based on their sexual orientation. But hey, I've only read the Bible cover to cover about 10 times so what do I know.

I suppose this blog is more of a purge due to an argument I had with a Trump Follower. It started with a comment about Biden (who is the President… just thought I should throw that out there) and the second I began to speak I was met with “Stop stop stop, we are not talking politics.” This drives me bonkers. Seriously. How hypocritical is that?! The Followers can say whatever the heck they want to all while claiming “Free Speech,” yet when anyone with an opposing view speaks we are shut down before the first word escapes our mouth.

So basically, I’m over it. I’m over turning on my TV and only seeing hate on the news. I’m over having “good Christians” spew hate in the name of Trump and ‘Merica. I’m over the people in Florida who have convinced themselves that “Don’t say gay” is okay. I’m over the Alt Right trying to take away women’s rights. I’m over having people who look like me, make everyone who looks like me look stupid (yes, I’m white.) I’m tired. I'm so tired of hate. I’m tired of bigotry. I’m tired of division. I long for sanity in a time where so much is fueled by insane ideological beliefs. I want so badly for this country to be a safe place for all, but it isn’t and that is devastating. I want children to feel safe and protected at school but instead they are being killed in their classrooms. I want to exist in a world where we can all be kind to each other regardless of skin color, religion or LGBTQIA+ community affiliation. I want to see less of a gap between the 1% and the rest. I want to stop having to walk away from people I loved because they don't understand the hate they support. I want state universities to offer free bachelors degree programs to students so they are not burdened by unfair loans that are taken because without them they cannot earn a degree. I guess I want utopia… but for now I’d settle for less hatred and more love, peace and understanding.

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