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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The trial is over, but I’ve been left with so many thoughts and feelings. Let me start with, I didn’t seek out the trial, it sought out me. I am an avid court TV, true crime and etcetera buff so when I turned on court TV and saw two celebrities duking it out over 50 million with a counter of 100 million I was both sickened and intrigued.

I am not a wealthy woman so when I see two celebrities going to court over that type of money I truly feel sick to my stomach. I know it’s been said before, but I think of all the people those millions could help. I think of teachers, police, fire, military, nursing home staff and people who work with the special needs’ population. Even if I were to be generous with the numbers and factor yearly earnings at $60,000 per year… the most those people would earn in a lifetime is 6% of what Depp was asking for. The reality however is that most of the individuals on that list will earn about 4% in their lifetime. Why? Because you don’t start out making $60,000 in most cases. But, in this case 50 million and 100 million were thrown into the ring as if they were common place.

If the sheer madness of the financial ask wasn’t bad enough, throughout the trial we witnessed amazing acting and possibly the worst acting I have ever seen. I admit, Amber’s performance lacked any realism. I was left triggered and any by her display. A few days prior to the end of the trial Amber said something to the effect of, because of Johnny Depp’s smear campaign I lost jobs, people hate me, I’m getting death threats and etcetera. I’m paraphrasing, but seriously? I can honestly say I didn’t know who she was. I saw Aquaman and while Jason Momoa is unforgettable, I didn’t remember the red head and had no idea what the actress’s name was that portrayed her. With that, I did remember that Nicole Kidman was in it… but how could I not?! She is incredible!

There are two things about this trial that I found utterly disturbing I’ll start with Amber’s side and slide into Johnny’s after. Amber took the stand and lied. The obviously manufactured horrific story of abuse was sickening to watch. As a person who lived through extreme abuse at a young age I was pissed. I was pissed that she could take the stand, lie and make it harder for real victims to speak out about abuse they are surviving or have survived. She literally made us all a little less believable with her god-awful theatrics and bad acting (psst, that is why she is not getting roles by the way… she can’t act.) The reason I can say with certainty that she lied is by examining the facts of the case as they were presented.

1) Amber had no problem calling the police during her marriage, but when she is violently attacked with a bottle up her hooha (which she claimed made her bleed) she doesn’t call anyone?

a. If you think you are suffering from internal bleeding wouldn’t you call for emergency services?

b. As a side note… did anyone else catch that she said 911 instead of 000 which is the emergency number in Australia? Wouldn’t she know that?

2) Amber had no pictures. A nothing bruise on her face and she puts that out there… but a violent attack that left her feet and hooha bleeding she takes no pictures? Hmm that seems off.

a. Again, she had no problem taking pictures and even pulled out her phone during an “attack” to videotape Depp… which brings me to #3

3) A true victim of domestic battery that is in fear for their life does not pull out their phone to video tape the person abusing them when that person is in a rage. Why would you not pull out your phone and record you ask? BECAUSE YOU ARE IN FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE AND THAT PERSON WOULD KILL YOU IF THEY SAW THE PHONE AND RECORDING!

This is just a few of the reasons I know she was lying. To me, what she did was unconscionable.

With that being said, if she had taken the stand and talked about how he was emotionally abusive during a drug induced or alcohol fueled rage, I’d have been more apt to believe it. If any of you have ever been in a relationship with an addict you know it isn’t fun. When that addiction takes hold and they are actively using, they make your life hell. There is no reasoning, there is no peace. If you say something they don’t like you become the target of their belligerent psychobabble and that is infuriating. If she had said that she suffered through him calling her names and behaving verbally abusive to her when he was under the influence… my heart would have gone out to her because I believe that she may have experienced that.

With that, there was a considerable amount of gas lighting going on as well. Johnny was not a saint, but she was not either. She poked the bear, was physically violent with him and in no way should have been the face representing victims of abuse. That’s just crazy.

Now to Johnny. As I’ve stated, he is an addict! So why? Why are there so many people online paying homage to someone who clearly was not a good man. A good man doesn’t get drunk/high, name call, belittle or swear at their wife as he did. The recordings are proof of his bad behavior. While he is charming and believable on the stand, he also is one of the most compelling actors of our time. The TikToks with the “I’m Unstoppable” song, videos of people begging to marry him, telling him that they would love him as he deserved… COME ON! The guy was getting high and drunk to the point he was probably pissing himself. He was the conductor of the hot mess express, yet so many women are now saying, “My Johnny.” I’ll say to you what I would say to my dog when he is going after something he shouldn’t, “Leave it!”

I’m sure Johnny Depp has goodness in him. Based on the multiple testimonies from people he was and still is very generous. He is a fantastic actor and after listening to his music, the guy can play and sing. He is incredibly gifted. But he also has a lot of issues and I hope he is able to slay the demons for good. But, I can also guarantee that being with him while he was very actively addicted was no picnic. Mix that with Amber who gas lights and enjoys playing the victim and you have yourself a highly toxic marriage.

While I understand that Johnny Depp wanted to clear his name from being attached to the phrase, “wife beater” I feel this was not the true reason for the trial. Have you ever heard the saying, “There is no such thing as bad publicity” made famous by PT Barnum? This is what that trial was about. Both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp know that any press is good press because you are relevant. Your name is flying out of people’s mouths and the press can’t get enough of you. Even people like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and BTK are proof of that. These are mass murderers that rose to a level of celebrity that is beyond any celebrity status they should have received. But curiosity takes over and everyone eats up the news stories, books and etcetera. The same goes for these two individuals. No matter what, they are now back in the public eye. Amber is the villain that everyone loves to hate and Johnny is the underdog who everyone rooted for.

I don’t believe the jury should have awarded a dime to either of them. I feel that was in bad taste. But since they did, Johnny shouldn’t pay Amber. He should take the 2 million off the top of what she owes him and let her pay him the remaining 8.5 million. At that point I’d recommend donating the money to the charities it was originally promised to. That would be a nice way for it to end in my opinion. All in all, I felt the trial was a waste of taxpayer money to accommodate two of the elite. But in the end, it did provide entertainment for a while and was motivation for this blog, so I guess it worked out.

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