A new take on the Mandela Effect

The other day I was watching a video on TikTok by creator wutaii1nostalgia where he hypothesized that the Mandela Effect was not caused by CERN, rather that it is a psychological gaslighting experiment of sorts. One sentence in particular gripped my curious nature, “But then somebody on a mass scale starts implanting memories that are almost identical but slightly off.” That sentence truly made me think, especially with the start of the January 6th trial.

Let me explain. Going back to 2012 which is generally the referenced year of the split. This to me is interesting for a myriad of reasons, but one more than others. What if this theory was designed for more than an experiment? What if it were designed by a maniacal group of individuals to use someone’s own mind against them in a way that could change the world as we know it?

My husband and I have for years scratched our heads and wondered how people we know, people we love and people we had always respected can watch the same event occur but come away with a completely different take. What if the experiment was to see who can be swayed by lies and who can remember the truth? What if this led all the way to and through Trumps presidency? Wouldn’t that make sense? Test the waters with minor memories such as the Monopoly man having or not having the monocle (he had it btw) or if there was a cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo (there was btw) and then build, expand and divide the nation.

Wouldn’t that make sense? What if a group of people who want to take over used that method to divide and conquer? How else can it be explained that half the population sees Trump as a hero and the other half views him as a zero. Again, we can all watch the same speech, insurrection, etc and almost half of the people will say he did not say things that he clearly did say. Then that same group, if you replay the video and let them hear his words, they will turn around and say that we (the other half) misunderstood. When it comes down to him saying that the democrats stole the election and that they need to fight to get their country back… how can anyone argue? Fact is fact… but it isn’t and that is why this creator has peaked my interest with their hypothesis.

A mass gas lighting to determine whose mind can be bent toward their will and whose mind cannot be swayed. Who would buy into a conspiracy and who wouldn’t? (I get the irony of that statement with this post.) A massive false narrative designed to tear down and divide us. To create unrest which ultimately will lead to a war.

Last thought, if this is off base, how do we explain the polarized nature of the altered view of facts presented? How is it that before 2012 we could agree to disagree, but now in 2022 we are forced to walk away from people because of rage and hate they spew at you over a former president? How is it people still believe that he won the election? It doesn’t make sense, but because of that I’m far too intrigued to stop digging.

Take care, never stop pondering and have a great day!

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