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Hi everyone! I like to start by saying I am terrible at the “About Me Bio” stuff so instead of listing accomplishments I’ll just let you know what this page is about. Following that will be the bio written about me.  

I am a passionate individual who loves to write and in life I associate with the labels: wife, mom of fur babies, bonus mom (as my favorite mug indicates,) grandma (very young and vibrant one at that,) pharmacy tech, LGBTQIA+ Ally, equal rights supporter, advocate, friend, student, animal lover, political dabbler, CEO, CIO and COO of my household... there are more but I'll stop here. 


My pronouns are She/Her. 

I have opinions about many things and here on my author blog I will be sharing them. To date I have blogged about travel, business management advice, politics, health and celebrities. I realize that my topics vary, so if there is something you are interested in perusing enjoy the read, if not then skip it. Either way, I thank you for taking time to check out my page. 

Now for the Bio that was written about me and not by me… 

K.C. Eckels’ books have received rave reviews in Publishers Weekly and from Grady Harp at the San Francisco Review of Books. 

K.C. resides in the Chicagoland area with her spouse two very spoiled dogs and their social yet feisty cat. Recently she sponsored three baby goats (They are grown up now and having babies of their own 6/2022) and has fallen in love with them all. ​

Before K.C. began her writing career, she earned a degree in Psychology and worked in the insurance industry. After 14 years working in insurance she branched out into the medical field and enjoys her work to this day.  Beyond her career, she spent over 20 years volunteering with organizations that assist adults who have special needs. 

K.C. is also an accomplished musician who plays piano and sings. She has a knack for writing lyrics and composition. She also models, acts, paints and illustrates her work. She is the epitome of a renaissance woman.

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